Independent Candidate Network

The IndyCan network is ready to assist Independent candidates at all key levels of government.
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  • National Government
  • The Independent Candidate Network is part of the Free Parliament Campaign, we wish to see Independents elected at all levels of Government. The Free Parliament campaign outlines plans for Westminster.
  • Devolved Government
  • The Independent Candidate Network wishes to see responsibilities devolved to the most local level possible, Democratic, accountable devolved Governments across the four nations is a good start.
  • County Councils
  • In May 2017 33 county councils will be electing Councillors. We are delighted to see new groups forming such as Devon United which recently launched at Newton Abbot with a view to contesting the May 2017 County Council Elections.
  • Town/Parish Councils
  • Take inspiration from the achievments of Frome and Buckfastleigh. Visit our Links page for more examples.

The Independent Candidate Network (Indycan) has been established to assist candidates who wish to be elected as Independents rather than as party political clones. Indycan wishes to help form part of the structure that Independents do not have.

Independent Candidates

The vast majority of people do not belong to political parties yet our democracy is controlled by a small group funded and promoted by the Political elite.
Party Political Tribalism has not served us well and the systems we have in place are centuries out of date. The connection between local and national Government has become disjointed and radical reform is needed.

Independent CandidatesIndycan wishes to help promote candidates who wish to work for the people not political parties, who are motivated by genuine concern for our communities and country, who wish to stand up and do their best and to make a difference.

Indycan does not make policy; all we ask is that candidates in the name of transparency sign up to the Bell Principles.

All over the UK communities are doing things for themselves, no longer relying on local or national Government for handouts they are taking control and taking back power.